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  • We write for you was merely a thought in my mind two years ago. Having to leave my previous employers, over three years ago due to ill health, I didn’t think that I would be capable of working again, let alone starting a new business at any point in the future.

    Having my daughter ask me one day, “What do you do mum? What are you good at?“ and not really having a good answer, made me think to the future and about how much I admired my mother when I was growing up. She had my brother and I at a relatively young age, studied hard and carved out a successful academic career. I realised that I wanted to be a role model for my daughter, to make her proud of me and have something to say about what her mum did when asked at school, in addition to the other vital role of bringing her up of course.

    In October 2011, we lost my brother in tragic and difficult circumstances. There was a deep injustice to his death and not simply because of the manner in which he died or because of the actions of the person who was responsible for terrible injuries he suffered but crucially, as a consequence of the discrimination and failures of a Merseyside Police Officer. Through persistence, tenacity and an ability to pick through red tape, trawl through records and procedures and sheer determination to see those who failed Daniel held responsible for their actions, we witnessed justice in court. Further, some two years after our original complaint, the IPCC upheld our appeal, against Merseyside Police’s investigation into what happened. When we received the letter, we felt an overwhelming sense of relief and the first thing I said to mum was, “We need to help others to achieve this, we could write for them”.

    My dad was always telling me that despite my physical problems, I could still use my brain and make it work for me. When we lost him almost six months to the day I launched this blog, it destroyed me and felt like most of my soul had gone with him. I adored my dad and took for granted, like most of us that he would be here forever. I was consumed by grief, a sense of loss and still ache for him. Dad worked all of his life and would have been about ready to retire now. The unfairness of his passing is overwhelming.

    Following a period of difficult times and sadness for our family, my husband encouraged me to try to find something positive from such sorrow. I wrote a eulogy for my dad and read it at his funeral. So many people told me what a wonderful tribute it was to his life and said that they would love to have been able to give that gift to their loved ones….well now they can!

    I’ve used your colours dad in the design of the business (at the risk of alienating a number of readers) and have channelled the sorrow of losing both you and Daniel, thinking that something good must be able to come from something so sad. Hopefully, We write for you will prove a success, will make you both proud and create a fitting and lasting legacy.

    Georgie Moore, 10th March 2013


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    Karen Rigby Created on 10/03/2013 18:10

    Georgie, you have been through so much and here you are with your new venture still trying to help people.   I am so proud of you, you have always been a very talented and caring person and I know your business will be a success.  Good luck to my great friend. xxxxx

    Avril O'Brien Created on 15/03/2013 11:57

    Georgie, you should be so proud of yourself, going through such hard times and coming out the other side with something new, wonderful and positive to work on.  I wish you all the luck in the world.

    Dyan Colclough Created on 15/03/2013 17:50

    This open, honest and heartfelt blog was testiment in itself to persuade me to use your services. After speaking with you I was confident in entrusting you with my innermost feelings over my recent trgic loss. Thankyou for taking all that I was feeling in my heart and transferring this to the written word. You did my sister proud. xx
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