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  • Happy 9th Birthday Ellie

    Almost nine years ago, a miracle did occur,

    I gave birth to a brown eyed girl with dark brown hair.

    I’ll never forget the moment when Steve told me,

    I expected a blonde, blue-eyed boy you see!

    As it happens, it was a blessing she was pink,

    Because the boy had been nick-named Haggis (which would have stuck I think!).


    Our world from then on was about our beautiful Ellie Rose,

    So when Alder Hey told us at eight weeks, we literally froze.

    Ellie had a dysplastic hip and needed treatment that night,

    Each anaesthetic we held our breath and each other oh so tight.

    During these months, our hearts broke and we shed many a tear,

    As we watched our daughter grow and were consumed with fear.

    We anticipated Ellie’s first birthday with all we could be,

    Her cast would come off and her legs would be free.

    Our prayers were answered, we took our baby home with us,

    We could cuddle her close again and make such a fuss.

    There was no-one as grateful to Mr Bruce as Steve and I,

    And eight months later, Ellie gave walking a try!


    As soon as she could walk, then she could dance,

    Next step was dancing school, taking a big chance.

    She was only two and three months old,

    But she loved it and it helped her squished up feet unfold.

    From then on, dancing is what she liked to do best,

    Performing on stage, putting her nerves (and mine) to the test.

    Ballet and Jazz and tap and modern too,

    Shoes after shoes after shoes as she grew.

    She could read aged three, our clever little girl,

    She loved Peppa Pig, her little ‘fellas’, even gave gymnastics a whirl.


    I remember her first haircut (which was a disaster),

    She loved her family, the park oh and lots of pasta.

    We remember our holidays to America, Italy and Spain,

    She loved swimming and WATCHING the disco - every night the same -

    Kids Club every morning for Ellie - oh and dad -

    Who had to watch her, as mum was paranoid about anything bad.


    She started St Pauls and St Timothy’s Infant School at age 4,

    Not long after, at home time, when the teacher opened the door,

    She said “Mrs Moore, Ellie has had a lovely birthday in School today,

    The children sang happy birthday and she had extra play”.

    When I told Miss that her birthday was several months away,

    She looked confused - then it sank in -  Ellie learned to fib that day!


    She fibs about lots of things you see,

    Some that we understand but some like what she had for tea!

    We went to Parent’s evening at School one day,

    We listened to her teacher, then noticed her tray.

    The name she had written on it was Ellie Rose Ruby Gardiner Moore,

    All her work the same name, added Ruby Gardiner, heaven knows what for!

    She’s a daydreamer, a loyal friend and is growing up too soon,

    I want to put books on her head, wrap her in cotton wool and continue to sing her favourite nursery rhyme tune.

    She is musically talented, plays piano and a little guitar, taught by my dad,

    She loves classical music and pop (some inappropriate and quite bad).

    She’s a fantastic mimic, is a wonderful big cousin to Henley,

    She is adored by her family, has a huge heart and is ever so friendly.

    Ellie Noona, Lula, Lola, Lila, Tallulah Lilac, Ellen Rose, Elles and Elle,

    You are beautiful, clever and talented and I know we’ve done well.

    And now you are a great big nine,

    Happy birthday my darling, I’m so glad you are mine!


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    We write for you was merely a thought in my mind two years ago. Having to leave my previous employers, over three years ago due to ill health, I didn’t think that I would be capable of working again, let alone starting a new business at any point in the future.

    Having my daughter ask me one day, “What do you do mum? What are you good at?“ and not really having a good answer, made me think to the future and about how much I admired my mother when I was growing up. She had my brother and I at a relatively young age, studied hard and carved out a successful academic career. I realised that I wanted to be a role model for my daughter, to make her proud of me and have something to say about what her mum did when asked at school, in addition to the other vital role of bringing her up of course.

    In October 2011, we lost my brother in tragic and difficult circumstances. There was a deep injustice to his death and not simply because of the manner in which he died or because of the actions of the person who was responsible for terrible injuries he suffered but crucially, as a consequence of the discrimination and failures of a Merseyside Police Officer. Through persistence, tenacity and an ability to pick through red tape, trawl through records and procedures and sheer determination to see those who failed Daniel held responsible for their actions, we witnessed justice in court. Further, some two years after our original complaint, the IPCC upheld our appeal, against Merseyside Police’s investigation into what happened. When we received the letter, we felt an overwhelming sense of relief and the first thing I said to mum was, “We need to help others to achieve this, we could write for them”.

    My dad was always telling me that despite my physical problems, I could still use my brain and make it work for me. When we lost him almost six months to the day I launched this blog, it destroyed me and felt like most of my soul had gone with him. I adored my dad and took for granted, like most of us that he would be here forever. I was consumed by grief, a sense of loss and still ache for him. Dad worked all of his life and would have been about ready to retire now. The unfairness of his passing is overwhelming.

    Following a period of difficult times and sadness for our family, my husband encouraged me to try to find something positive from such sorrow. I wrote a eulogy for my dad and read it at his funeral. So many people told me what a wonderful tribute it was to his life and said that they would love to have been able to give that gift to their loved ones….well now they can!

    I’ve used your colours dad in the design of the business (at the risk of alienating a number of readers) and have channelled the sorrow of losing both you and Daniel, thinking that something good must be able to come from something so sad. Hopefully, We write for you will prove a success, will make you both proud and create a fitting and lasting legacy.

    Georgie Moore, 10th March 2013


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